Volunteer Profile: Dr. Diana Gonzalez

Volunteer Profile Dr. Diana Gonzalez - Image 01Dr. Gonzalez is a 38 year old dental volunteer who beckoned the call to return to DVI during the Corona outbreak and help out. She had first volunteered at DVI in February, but had inquired about volunteering here as early as 2016. In fact, DVI plays a role in her marriage to a Christian Arab and her move to the Old City of Jerusalem.

After graduating from dental school in Colombia, South America in 2004, Diana began working and thinking about volunteering her services. She had heard about DVI and in 2016 began writing to the DVI volunteer coordinator. Given the news reports of unrest and violence in the region, however, Dr. Gonzalez was concerned for her safety. A friend mentioned to her that she knows someone who lives in Jerusalem’s Old City, and she should contact him to get more information. They began writing and he invited her to come for Christmas to see for herself how safe and special Jerusalem really is. She took him up on the invitation and the rest is history! They married in September of 2018 and Diana now resides with her husband in the Old City.

Since everyone arriving from abroad is required to go into a 14 day isolation period, Dr. Gonzalez has truly been a godsend for us. She has wholeheartedly offered to come to the clinic whenever necessary during this period and we are most appreciative to her. Indeed, she has been a weekly volunteer all these months!

Diana said that she has learned so much and feels God’s presence in every part of her life. Since she and her husband communicate in English, a second language for both, she has learned patience and the importance of reconsidering things. Diana also said that a big part of her decision to make her life in Israel is the strong values and morality she has experienced here. She is looking forward to raising her own family one day with these values and she will truly be a great role model as she continues to give of herself whenever possible!

Volunteer Profile Dr. Diana Gonzalez - Image 02