Clinic Helps Patient with Special Needs

Thank you Dr. Palmon

Clinic Helps Patient with Special Needs - Image 01A huge thank you to local Israeli dentists (there have been many!) filling in for foreign dentists who couldn’t get here! They are wearing a crazy amount of protection (PPE) but they have a positive attitude.

DVI did stop treating elderly patients for over two months, but we resumed the free dentures project on June 2nd! One of the elderly male patients who came in that day was special needs. His speech is extremely difficult to understand, beyond the normal speech impediments caused by lack of teeth, but Dr. Palmon was very patient with him. It is a struggle communicating with him the status of his dentures and the process, as his caregiver also did not understand. Dr. Palmon reached out to the patient’s sister, to relay the information. Many of the patients who came in with no teeth in July have been Holocaust Survivors.

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