Chaya Amit - Holocaust Survivor - Featured image

Chaya Amit – Holocaust Survivor

Chaya Amit is a Holocaust Survivor living on her own in Armon HaNatsiv. Her dentures broke in March 2020, just as the COVID pandemic hit. Her maxillary denture was badly damaged affecting both her appearance and speech. Fortunately, the team at DVI were able to provide her with new ones. When she saw herself in the mirror, she cried with joy and hugged everyone, her new family. She said, “it’s not just the dentures that you are giving me. I feel respected, cared for here, you are like the family I have lost. With tears in her eyes, she spoke of how Holocaust survivors such as herself,  who have suffered so much for so many years, are deservedly cared for by the DVI team who showed her their caring and their love. The dentures provided were free, Chaya had paid for them over the many years of her life.