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With love, Doron Birger

In the shadows of unimaginable darkness, emerged a beacon of unwavering love and determination in the form of Trudi Birger, a survivor of the Holocaust. Trudi’s childhood innocence was shattered within the confines of a concentration camp, where amidst the horrors, she made a solemn vow to the heavens above: “If I survive, no child shall endure what I have endured.”

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Levi Tatchi - Featured image

Levi Tatchi

Levi Tatchi was born in Baghdad, Iraq, one of nine children. His father ran a successful café in the city, fitting given that Tatchi means “tea” in Arabic. Arabs and Jews got along well until the revolution in 1941, Suddenly friendly Arab neighbors turned violent, and Jews were murdered on the streets. Levi’s father was killed leaving his mother to care for the family.

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